Theos Cyber Solutions:Empowering businesses to thrive in the new digital security age

Claire Lee, Account Director, Theos Cyber Solutions

Claire Lee, Account Director, Theos Cyber Solutions

Theos Cyber Solutions was founded in 2019 with the vision of becoming the security partner of choice for organisations needing cybersecurity services. We provide premium security services to local and international clients, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and enterprises, by leveraging leading technologies and expertise that are traditionally only accessible to high end global clients, to enable their business to scale further. What this also means to our clients is that they will have more time to focus on the right priorities to protect their business by leveraging on our capabilities and expertise!

How do you know whether we are the right security partner for you or not?

Whether we are the right security partner for you or not then that would be dependent on what exactly you would like to achieve as an organisation. At Theos, our security expertise spans across three key domains that form the pillars of a comprehensive cybersecurity programme, which includes Security Architecture, Threat & Vulnerability Management, Managed Detection & Response. We focus on supporting people and organisations that are looking into achieving the following security outcomes to enable their business to thrive and scale further.

• Improving cybersecurity maturity –Knowing your current level of security maturity helps you to become better in protecting your critical assets within your organisation. Weadopt industry best practices that is aligned to the NIST cyber framework to help organisations to assess and define a security maturity roadmap to support them as their business scales. Through the assessment done by our experienced consultants, our clients will be able to understand the gaps of the infrastructure that they need to bridge, what they need to achieve next to get to where they should be.

• Reducing your attack surface – What we mean by the attack surface here is the sum of all possible ways out there, which compromise any part of the digital footprint of an organisation.This can be your online assets, digital identities, trade secrets, customer data and much more. Let’s be real here – hackers never sleep!Our certified Ethical Hackersfollow the CREST methodology to assess the websites and applications that are important to our customer’s business.We also provide actionable recommendations to help our clients to prevent future cyberattacks that can prevent their websites and applications from operating.

• Securing your digital workplace –The pandemic has certainly fast-forwarded the adoption of digital services and your security programme will need to be able to support the “new normal". This is another area where we have a strong play and expertise! We understand the importance of mobilisation, endpoint security and data protection as workplace flexibility is becoming a permanence. What our consultants are capable to do is to help our clients to define and execute an effective cybersecurity strategy to mitigate the cybersecurity challenges.

• Transforming your security operations at low risk – The digital landscape at organisations has evolved rapidly over the last 2 decades with cloud being the focal strategic approach.This requires a fundamental re-assessment of the current security environments to address industry uniqueness coupled with the provision of accurate indicators of threat to security teams. We can help improve your security operations through automation, improved detection, and better use of threat intelligence.

Why clients choose us over the other providers?

Although we are a relatively young company in the market, we are trusted by companies from different sizes. Our clients choose us as their security partner of choice for two key reasons:

• Our expertise in the three security domains. We strive to build the best security team in Asiaso that our clients can benefit from our expertise the most. Our consultants are not only certified in CISSP, CISM, CCSP,PMP, OSCP and OSCE, but they also have a wealth of experience in delivering complex security projects for the Fortune 500 companies around the world and the nation states.

• Our ability to maximise our customer’s ROI. We are a team of security experts with extensive global experience and have advised some of the most prominent organisations in the world. Our clients chose us because we were able to help them to maximise the ROI of their security investments.

What’s next in our FY2122 plan?

Currently, we are partnering with Cyber Market Hub and Greenlight Technologies so that more people and organisations could leverage on our joint capabilities to achieve more as a business.

As we move to our new financial year, we are not only expanding our team, but we are also expanding our footprint into Singapore, Australia, and the USA this year, where we have received strong interest from these local markets to partner with us to empower their business to thrive in the new digital security age.