Onward Security: Secure-By-Design Approach to IoT

Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups in APAC - 2019

The accelerated development of technology, fast-growing penetration rates of the internet and continuous digital transformation has transformed the way organisations operate. Mobile technology, IoT, machine learning and the cloud and many such technologies, all mean opportunity for businesses and society to grow but cybercriminals are also developing new strategies to capitalize on technological vulnerabilities.

The need of the hour is to educate end-users compliance based practices for handling and sharing data, identifying phishing attempts, procedures to counteract human engineering attempts, updated software, advanced firewall and antivirus, intrusion detection and prevention systems, strong incident response plan and a few. Multi-layer defence systems, anti-malware solutions that combine signature-based detection, heuristic analysis and cloud-assisted technologies can defend devices and data against new sophisticated threats. Cross domain cyber security solutions allows organizations to use a unified system comprising of software and hardware that authenticates both manual and automatic transfer and access to information when it takes places between different security classification levels. This allows seamless sharing and access of information within the organisations, but cannot be intercepted by any user who is not part of the security classification.

On this front, the impact of startups and their innovative solutions/services will create a difference in the realm. And we aim to be that platform to bring them to the forefront. This edition of Enterprise Security Magazine features companies such as Onward Security and Theos Cyber Solutions that are at the forefront of offering agile cybersecurity solutions. We present you an exclusive edition of “Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups in APAC – 2019”

    Top Enterprise Security Startups In APAC

  • Astrum helps companies reduce the friction in achieving compliance with regulations such as GDPR or NDB, managing cyber risk or aligning to standards such as ISO27001. Bringing to bear its decades of security experience, team Astrum follows a unique approach to client engagement, where the company does not focus on selling or using a particular technology. Instead, Astrum studies how and where its customers conduct business, who they partner with, what data they collect, and how do they use it. Armed with this information, the company builds clients’ profile from the security and privacy risk perspectives. From then on Astrum takes an agnostic approach to advise the right solutions to meet the specific client requirements

  • The company is one of the premier, full-service, information security, and cybersecurity assessment consulting start-ups in Singapore. This cybersecurity startup specializes in consulting on a range of information security and cybersecurity services that focuses on IT and business systems for medium to large enterprises. ATvanGarde’s team of highly experienced professionals offers a diversified background in all areas of cyber consulting. What makes ATvanGarde one of the most successful cybersecurity consultancy startups is its constant focus on the vertical markets. Because of the firm’s expertise and experience in these markets, it has helped its clients to achieve cyber assurance, particularly in the area of OT and IoT relationship to IT systems

  • Caulis, a Tokyo-based enterprise security startup, empowers corporations with a cloud-based unauthorized access detection solution that guarantees robust protection spanning all customer contact points. Caulis’ fraud detection offering “FraudAlert” delivers a unique decision logic based on “personality,” preventing unauthorized access by impersonating attackers. FraudAlert’s security relies on behavior pattern analysis, detecting and authenticating the risk of unauthorized access only when the user behavior is judged as dangerous or suspicious. Since FraudAlert is cloud-based, it requires no initial installation cost while data concerning attackers and online criminals can be shared among all operators for improved security

  • Provides Secure-by-Design solutions to solve cybersecurity complexities in connected devices across the IoT and IIoT markets. One of the top Enterprise Security Startups in the APAC region, Onward Security helps IoT product companies transition from the “security-by-evaluation” approach to the “security-by-design” principle through a number of enterprise security services and product security evaluation services. Besides its wide range of services, Onward Security offers a product line comprising of self-developed testing tools and a security management system. The two platforms, titled Hercules SecFlow and Hercules SecDevice, help Onward Security’s clients achieve SSDLC in a fast and cost-effective manner

  • It is a premium online emergency response and business-continuity plan builder for SMEs to survive, succeed, and thrive in the wake of a natural disaster, other unplanned event including a cyber attack. The easy-to-use cloud-based ERPT (Emergency Response Planning Tool) from ResilienceTec was first launched in 2011 in New Zealand and in 2013 in Australia in partnership with Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), to support general practices in evaluating risks, business continuity, and emergency response planning. The latest version of the platform incorporates brand-new cybersecurity and response modules to offer personalized, continuous, and effective planning to safeguard businesses from cyberattacks, supply chain, or telecommunications failure, power loss, theft, natural disasters, and even viral outbreaks regardless of an organization’s size, industry, or geography

  • Theos Cyber Solutions combines proven practices with insights from global security experts and helps organizations in managing their cybersecurity risks. The company’s pragmatic security architecture identifies and eliminates the threats present in an organization’s system and improves their security posture. Theos Cyber Solutions also lends their expertise in security and risk management, cyber threat elimination, security architecture and provides training services to help organizations tighten their security and safeguard their businesses. The company helps small and medium sized businesses in identifying the right way to approach their security worries

  • Your Business Security, an enterprise security startup, empowers businesses to protect themselves using an integrated security risk management approach with a strong focus on security culture and trusted insider threats. In addition to assessing external threats, the company gives equal attention to internal threats such as those posed by business partners, contractors, and through the supply chain. Your Business Security seamlessly integrates security risk management into everyday business practices to get the right balance and commensurate to risk. The company offer services in security risk assessment; vulnerability assessment; security awareness training; and security strategy development in the areas of protective security, trusted insider threat mitigation, and security culture

  • Anomali


    Anomali, founded in 2013, helps organizations find, understand, and respond to cyber threats effectively. The company brings the customers’ security team the one thing that’s been missing - external context with highly optimized threat intelligence powered by machine learning. With Anomali, clients can identify suspicious or malicious traffic before it even reaches the network. Anomali turns threat intelligence into clients’ cyber no-fly list and seamlessly integrate this with clients’ internal security and IT systems. Anomali enables the benefits of cyber threat intelligence accessible to everyone using their free tools

  • Cyberbit


    Cyberbit is a well-known provider of cyber range training and simulation platforms, and the only provider of detection, response, automation, and orchestration products across both IT and OT networks. Cyberbit’s product portfolio empowers security teams to be more prepared than ever before for confronting security incidents across IT and OT networks. Cyberbit’s portfolio is based on battle-proven technologies deployed in government and military organizations and made available to the commercial market since 2015. It is the Cyberbit Range, is a well known cyber range platform for training Blue and Red teams in hyper-realistic simulated scenarios; SCADAShield: ICS/SCADA visibility, cybersecurity and continuity for critical infrastructure networks; SOC 3D: Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR); and EDR: Endpoint Detection and Response for detecting evasive threats

  • Qingteng


    With the server security as the core, Qingteng Cloud Security adopts an adaptive security architecture to integrate predictive, defense, monitoring, and response capabilities, and build a host-based security situational awareness platform to provide users with continuous security monitoring, analysis, and rapid response. Capabilities, helping users to achieve secure unified policy management in a variety of business environments such as public, private and hybrid cloud, physical machine, virtual machine, and more effectively predicting risks, accurately perceiving threats, improving response efficiency, and protecting enterprises in all aspects. The company offers solutions for the financial sector, government, the internet, and cloud platform while promoting the security of digital assets and the efficient development of business