ATvanGarde: Tale of a Successful Cybersecurity Consulting Startup

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Andrew Ho, Founder and Director of Professional Services, ATvanGardeAndrew Ho, Founder and Director of Professional Services
Singapore is rapidly becoming one of the world’s premier cybersecurity hubs. Recently, the UN Global Cybersecurity Index ranked Singapore as the leading nation in the world for its commitment toward cybersecurity arena. The country is taking a leadership position against an alarming rate of cyberattacks, particularly in Singapore and other APAC countries, which are not immune to these attacks. According to a Cisco study, APAC companies receive six cyber threats every minute. In another study by Frost & Sullivan, it was revealed that the potential economic loss across the Asia Pacific due to cybersecurity incidents might hit a staggering $1.745 trillion (USD).

Because of these alarming statistics, there is a growing need for capable, experienced cybersecurity consulting companies to assess and fortify their client’s information security infrastructure, preventing losses to their brand image and financial health. This is where ATvanGarde Pte. Ltd. emerges as the “silver lining” for companies in Singapore and other APAC countries. A recently-established startup, ATvanGarde offers premier, full-service information security and cybersecurity assessment consulting to its clients in the South East Asian markets.

ATvanGarde has been successful in the Singapore cybersecurity consulting market by combining four elements: a wealth of experience, vertical markets expertise, a ‘one team approach,’ and devotion to offering ultimate client service. The startup specializes in underserved vertical markets and IT/OT convergence for a varied clientele—ranging from large corporations to government ministries—in four key areas of cybersecurity advisory services, which includes governance and policy, risk assessment, compliance, and related professional consulting services.

The cornerstone of ATvanGarde’s success is its team of experts that work at multiple levels within an organization, from security teams to senior management, for developing customized cybersecurity controls, policies, frameworks, and processes that best fit the client’s needs.

Commenting on the company’s approach to cybersecurity assessment, Andrew Ho, founder and director of professional services at ATvanGarde, says, “Our team of consultants specializes in ATvanGarde’s unique cyber evaluation process. We use a ‘client + consultant partnering’ approach to ensure that the proper cybersecurity protection standards, controls, policies, and procedures are designed to fit a client’s exact needs while adhering to international security standards.” ATvanGarde integrates the necessary security measures into the client’s infrastructure while safeguarding the organization, providing continued protection against damaging security lapses and cyberattacks. “We take pride in delivering tailored cybersecurity solutions that significantly improve the level of cyber protection for our clients,” states Tania Tang, co-founder and director of corporate services for ATvanGarde.

The outcomes of these collaborations provide a robust and well-balanced information security infrastructure that integrates the required changes for client’s business and organizational processes to remediate, mitigate, and continually protect the systems, networks and information, which is of value to the organization. “This partnership with our clients and the care we take to ensure that their business and operation needs are met while ensuring cybersecurity protection is the key to our success,” comments Andrew.

Treading ahead, ATvanGarde plans to improve its research and development capabilities in IT/OT/IoT convergence. “Our mission is to continue helping our clients with their current-day information security requirements while staying ahead by integrating new standards and technologies into our repertoire and help our clients incorporate these new emerging cyber standards,” highlights Andrew.

The long-term plan of the startup is to expand its business to other markets. “As we increase our expertise in the target vertical markets, we want to expand our business outside of Singapore, particularly for markets like air transport, airport systems, and power and utility,” concludes Andrew.
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Andrew Ho, Founder and Director of Professional Services and Tania Tang, Co-Founder and Director of Corporate Services and Tom Masci, Director of Business Services

The company is one of the premier, full-service, information security, and cybersecurity assessment consulting start-ups in Singapore. This cybersecurity startup specializes in consulting on a range of information security and cybersecurity services that focuses on IT and business systems for medium to large enterprises. ATvanGarde’s team of highly experienced professionals offers a diversified background in all areas of cyber consulting. What makes ATvanGarde one of the most successful cybersecurity consultancy startups is its constant focus on the vertical markets. Because of the firm’s expertise and experience in these markets, it has helped its clients to achieve cyber assurance, particularly in the area of OT and IoT relationship to IT systems